Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan's Rock, consists of 15 deluxe bungalows made of wood and hand-cut stone on a forested hill sloping down towards the ocean, providing an authentic experience with nature.  It's part of the green movement that includes extensive tree conservation and reforestation projects that reach over 1,800 hectares along the Pacific Ocean.

The Ecolodge includes an 800 hectares nature reserve of tropical forest, a seasonal sanctuary for many types of animals, an animal farm, and 1000 hectares of reforesting tree-farms specializing in native tropical species.

Morgan's Rock is more than a luxury hotel; it's a concept unto itself, a project of nature conservation, community development and reforestation that aims to be a model for eco-tourism in Nicaragua and Central America.

Arriving at the bungalows means crossing a stunning 110-meter suspension bridge over a forested canyon. The peaceful forest adds unequaled privacy to each unit. All exotic national wood bungalows feature one king size bed, a comfortable queen size sofa bed and a private deck equipped with a hanging bed on which you can spend hours reading or enjoying the surrounding nature and enjoy dramatic sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

At MorganĀ“s Rock, they offer different culinary specialties with a fusion of American, French, and Asian cuisines. Some of the products used are organically grown and raised at the Hacienda, including a variety of fruits, dairy products, meat, and poultry.

Fresh seafood come from the Pacific Ocean is always on the menu and your waiter will inform you at both lunch and dinner of the different types of seafood listed on the menu.

RATES 2012

May 1st - Oct 31st, 2012
Dec 15th, 2012 - Jan 5th, 2013
Nov 1st, 2012 - Dec 14th, 2012
Jan 6th, 2012 - Apr 30th, 2012
Light Relax Discover Light Relax Discover Light Relax Discover
Single $194.00 $214.00 $255.00 $282.00 $302.00 $343.00 $224.00 $244.00 $285.00
Double $161.00 $181.00 $222.00 $233.00 $253.00 $294.00 $184.00 $204.00 $245.00
(2 Adults + 1 Child)
$132.00 $149.00 $180.00 $192.00 $208.00 $239.00 $151.00 $168.00 $199.00
(2 Adults + 2 children)
$115.00 $130.00 $156.00 $169.00 $183.00 $210.00 $132.00 $148.00 $173.00
1 to 11 months old


  • Rates in USD
  • Rates do not include taxes (17%)
  • All rates are per person, per night.
  • Light: Breakfast and dinner with tropical fruit drinks with the meals.
  • Relax: Breakfast, lunch and dinner with tropical fruit drinks with the meals.
  • Discover:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with tropical fruit drinks with the meals, two Nicaraguan beers, one 6 oz. Nicaraguan rum bottle, one tour, per day.
  • Children up to 12 years old are charged 50% on all meals
  • Rates are subject to change without previous notice.

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should not dream of visiting this beautiful country!