Maribios Volcanic Chain

Land of Fire

Maribios Volcanic Chain

The Maribios Volcanic chain extends between Lake Nicaragua and the Gulf of Fonseca. It begins with the smoking giant Momotombo, which reflects its coned top on the waters of Lake Managua. Las Pilas Volcano is next on the ridge, with its crater El Hoyo (The Hole). Next on the chain is El Cerro Negro which is among the youngest active volcanoes on the continent. Its eruptions alternate between rivers of lava and dense ash columns. Then comes the old Orota, bent and eroded by the centuries. Up the ridge stands Telica, with a deep smoking crater. At its base extends the thermal fields of San Jacinto, with boiling waters and bursting bubbles of mud. Further along rises the outline of the Casitas Volcano with its sides not so long ago collapsed by Hurricane Mitch. Dominating the landscape is the massive San Cristobal Volcano, hiding its truncated apex behind thick smoke. El Chonco, near the end of the line, does not appear as tall as its neighbors; it's an old, eroded dome, covered by vegetation. Finally, at the northernmost end of Nicaragua, guarding the Gulf of Fonseca, rises Cosiguina. Its crater opened by the explosion in 1835, is wide and deep and houses a lagoon with green-blue waters.

Momotombo Volcano

These restless colossi are admirable, regardless of the angle in which they are seen: from one side or the other, from the air or the ground. In any case, they display their majestic figures over the dilated towns of Leon and Chinandega, whose soil they fertilized with the frequent spewing of ash from their craters. The flatlands that start at the base of the volcanic sierra extend until the Pacific Coast, where waves, crashing against the sandy beaches, turn to foam; or disappear inland, lost among the wavy lake waters!

There is much to see and do in Nicaragua; beaches, surfing great waves, fiery volcanoes, lakes.

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