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Dr.TATTOF Launches “The Body” Trio of USFDA-cleared, Non-invasive Laser Treatments in Bangkok

Dr.TATTOF Launches “The Body” Trio of USFDA-cleared, Non-invasive Laser Treatments in Bangkok

Bangkok (Thailand) – October 2, 2019 (travelindex) – After 4 years of providing world-class laser tattoo removal services to affluent Thais and expatriates across Bangkok, Dr.TATTOF launches “The Body” a trio of USFDA-cleared, non-invasive laser solutions which help patients achieve their desired physique, quickly becoming people’s first choice for aesthetic laser treatments in Bangkok.

Since each treatment takes less than 30 minutes and requires no recovery or downtime, more tourists are seeking to get these treatments done in Bangkok, especially when compared to their hometowns, either it be Singapore, Dubai, or Sydney, the prices are a lot more affordable, even while maintaining the same standards.

Zap away stubborn fat to reveal the best version of yourself with Fat Removal by SculpSure

Award-winning “SculpSure” provides body contouring treatments that permanently removes up to 24% of stubborn fat per treatment without surgery or downtime. This revolutionary hyperthermic laser technology destroys fat cells within 25 minutes by increasing the temperature under the skin to between 42 to 47 degrees Celsius, while continuous contact cooling keeps the patient comfortable. The disrupted fat cells are naturally eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system, and results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks after the first treatment.

This non-invasive lipolysis procedure is ideal for those with stubborn fat in troublesome areas such as the abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, outer thighs, and submental areas (under the chin). With 100% patient satisfaction rating in clinical studies, feathering of heat spread to ensure natural-looking results, and versatile applicators to perfectly fit a variety of body types and sizes, “SculpSure” is the best non-invasive body-perfecting assistant in the market.

At Dr.TATTOF, one “Fat Removal” treatment is priced between 10,000 THB/328 USD (1 applicator) to 40,000 THB/1,311 USD (4 applicators). During promotional periods, patients may enjoy up to 50% discount.

Boost collagen production to re-experience limitless youth with Sagging Belly Removal by Gentle YAG Pro-U

Loved by new mothers and women around the world, “Gentle YAG Pro-U” is a multi-purpose laser innovation that safely tightens and rejuvenates the skin by transmitting heat into the skin’s inner layer, stimulating the natural production of new collagen. The patented “Dynamic Cooling Device” delivers bursts of cold gas before and after each laser pulse, protecting the epidermis from scarring and ensuring optimal comfort for patients.

Dermatological laser specialists recommend this non-invasive treatment for those with loose and/or sagging skin, either from aging, giving birth, or losing weight too quickly. Cutting-edge technology utilized by experts guarantees that a 10-minute procedure can deliver visible results in as little as 1 to 2 weeks after the second treatment, without permanent side effects or any downtime.

Dr.TATTOF offers “Sagging Belly Removal” treatments at 5,000 THB/164 USD per session. Patients may receive a 20% discount by purchasing a package of 8 treatments, or a 30% discount by purchasing a package of 12 treatments.

Discover flawless skin and unwavering confidence with Stretch Marks Removal by PicoWay Resolve

Originally known for its tattoo and pigment removal capabilities, PicoWay Resolve uses a picosecond laser beam with high power and the shortest laser pulses available to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The ultra-short pulses that last only a trillionth of a second leads to a photo-acoustic effect where target spots are vaporized before the skin gets the chance to overheat. Meanwhile, tiny spaces called vacuoles are created for new collagen and elastin growth that occurs in the treatment of stretch marks.

This breakthrough technology effectively removes marks without causing the outer layer of the skin to break, so patients report high satisfaction, enjoy low to no downtime after the treatment, and experience absolutely no scarring or permanent side effects. With PicoWay Resolve, incredible skin transformations are inevitable! It typically takes a few sessions to completely remove stretch marks and scars, but initial improvements can be seen in as early as after the first treatment. A leader in its field, Dr.TATTOF is the first medical center in Thailand to provide aesthetic laser solutions using PicoWay.

At Dr.TATTOF, one “Stretch Marks Removal” treatment costs 6,000 THB/197 USD. Most patients purchase a package of 8 treatments to receive a 20% discount, but the brand also offers 30% discount by purchasing a package of 12 treatments.

Clinics located in Bangkok’s most glamorous neighborhoods

Dr.TATTOF has 4 aesthetic medical centers in Bangkok and 1 in Pattaya, each staffed by American board-certified dermatologists and equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology. Its 2 Bangkok CBD locations are in Thonglor (Eight Thonglor) and Silom (Silom Complex), two of the most coveted, vibrant and attraction-filled upscale neighborhoods in the city.

Due to the increased popularity of non-invasive beauty procedures in Bangkok, we highly recommend that you make your enquiries and reservations at least a week in advance. English-speakers may call +66(0)99-614-2424 or +66(0)2-297-0810, or send a Facebook message to – For more information, visit

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