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Ensuring Freshness of Seafood at The Dock by Thammachart Seafood

Ensuring Freshness of Seafood at The Dock by Thammachart Seafood

Bangkok (Thailand) – Otober 10, 2018 ( – Founded in 2008 by Julian G. Davies and Yeeran G. Davies, Thammachart Seafood is now the largest operator of seafood counters in Thailand with over 155 outlets and 600 staff members throughout the country. Created due to the high demand in the local retail market for fresh, imported seafood, the owners contributed their background as a seafood producer in the formation of the company.

Julian and Yeeran visit as many aquaculture and wild fisheries as possible to work directly with farm owners, thus streamlining the supply chain and ensuring seafood freshness. “We know exactly how to choose and what to ask because we used to be the producer ourselves,” says Yeeran. There is no middleman in the supply chain for all key products, meaning that farmers are paid a good price for high-quality produce. “As a direct importer of seafood, we are in the position to shorten the supply chain as much as we can, and that’s key in our business,” says Julian.

Integrity within the supply chain is critical for Thammachart Seafood. All products are traceable, clearly labeled according to their true country of origin and stamped with a use-by date. The company follows a first-in-first-out inventory process, ensuring freshness and correct use. Storage temperature is also essential, and is maintained below 5°c at all times. Importing from over 18 countries, the company has no limitations to add new origins.

The Dock Seafood Bar by Thammachart Seafood

From Dock to Dish
In 2013, Thammachart Seafood branched out to the F&B sector, launching its first seafood bar The Dock in Siam Paragon’s Gourmet Market. Inspired by Harrods’ seafood bar in London, The Dock differentiates itself with live and fresh products flown in within 48 hours of catching.

“We pride ourselves as Thailand’s freshest seafood provider. 48 hours from the dock to the dish is our commitment to the customers to show that we are serious about what we are promising, and we make sure that the products are fresh,” says Julian.

The Dock follows a cooking philosophy that focuses on the freshness of the products. Committed to simple seafood preparations that allow the product to shine, sauces are used only to enhance the flavours and never to overpower the dish. “For every dish, we want the product
to come out first, the product must shine. If the customer orders scallop, they must taste the
scallops first before the sauce,” says Yeeran.

Signature Dishes

The Dock Seafood Platter
A sharing platter for those who seek to explore fresh seafood with simple preparations. Served fresh from the live tanks are Cornish Crab, Spencer Gulf King Prawns, and Oysters from all around the world. A Sashimi platter of Tuna, Atlantic Salmon, and King Scallop seamlessly completes The Dock journey.

Tsar of Ō r a King Salm on a l a Minute
The epitome of salmon, some refer to the Ōra King as the wagyu of salmon. Exclusively imported by Thammachart Seafood, the thicker loin cut is used to showcase the exquisite freshness of the fish by smoking it quickly for one minute. As a result, customers can taste the juicy meat in the middle, the smoked belly part, and topped off with the crispy roasted skin.

Red King Crab Au Gratin
An ideal choice for crab lovers, this dish offers the customers a chance to enjoy the whole king crab The Dock’s way. Prepared by removing all the juicy meat from the shell, leaving the legs and claws untouched. The meat is baked with Parmesan and cream, topped with Alaskan salmon roe for supreme flavor, while the leg part is steamed without any flavouring – simply the best of both worlds.

Dover Sole à la Meunière
Cooked with butter and wine, this French dish highlights the freshness of the Dover Sole from Holland. Pan roasted in a meunière of butter and parsley then finished off with a hint of lemon, the simple cooking allows the fish to shine without too much flavouring.

The Dock Seafood Bars & Restaurants
The Dock Seafood Bars are now available 6 stores in the Gourmet Markets at Siam Paragon, Emporium, EmQuartier, Bluport Huahin, The Mall Bangkae and its first standalone restaurant was open at Maze Thonglor. A three-tiered oyster tank alongside a fresh seafood bar and a vibrant open kitchen are what best characterises The Dock. Signature to The Dock is the live oyster tank, imported from Australia to keep 10-15 varieties of oysters from around the world in a state of hibernation to maintain the product quality. The EmQuartier and Thonglor outlets also have a second shellfish tank where the water temperature can be reduced to 7°c to keep cold- water Alaskan King Crabs, Lobsters and Geoducks fresh. Customers can select these live
items from the tank, discuss the cooking method with the chef, and simply pay by weight. Each dish on the menu has a wine pairing suggestion, allowing for a complete dining experience.

Dine at the Thonglor venue and choose either the outdoor table seating, indoor table seating or sit at our signature bar to witness the chef’s preparation of cold dishes. The new Dock Market is another exciting addition to the restaurant’s expanding empire. For aspiring chefs, the long, colorful display with countless varieties of seafood is a dream come true. Peruse the aisles for your favorite ingredients, as well as those you’ve never even seen before, or, if cooking isn’t your thing, simply ask one of the waiting chefs to cook whatever takes your fancy, just as you like it.