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WTE Symposium on China Inbound Tourism Development is Building Bridges

WTE Symposium on China Inbound Tourism Development is Building Bridges

Haikou, Hainan (China) – October 30, 2019 ( – During the recently held World Tourism Exchange China (WTE) the symposium on China inbound tourism development attracted a lot attention and interest from all the international participant as well as from the local tourism sector. Since the Chinese Government decided to support the construction of a free trade pilot zone in Hainan Island in 2018, the autonomy and support policies have been enhanced, which has brought good opportunities for the opening up and economic development of Hainan. As the capital city of Hainan Province, we take advantage of the policies of the Party Central Committee to actively participate in the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, which creates better platforms and opportunities for enterprises, thrives the tourism economy and promotes the development of foreign investment and shipping.

In order to develop the tourism economy and the exhibition industry, we introduced the 2019 World Tourism Exchange China (Haikou) last year. This professional international MICE conference is driven by products and based on a series of forums, exhibitions and discussions, product incubations and inspection tours, The conference is build a bridge between the international traveling agents and local tourism companies, which not only provides a platform for local tourism companies to learn and grow, but lay a good foundation for introducing tourist source, opening international routes and developing international cruises to promote the inbound tourism of our city.

As an international tourist city, Haikou is the youngest provincial capital in China. It is both the political, economic and cultural center of Hainan Province and the hub of sea, land and air transportation. In addition, Haikou is an export-oriented, internationally integrated tourist city with tropical scenery, coastal characteristics and rich cultural heritage. Because of the abundant golf tourism resources, the Mission Hills Resorts Haikou has the world’s largest volcanic rock golf course suitable for playing golf at all seasons; Changying Wonderland is fit for family travel; Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park, and after the introduction of a panda last year, Botanical Garden has received plenty of tourists home and abroad.

In order to make better use of the rich tourism resources in Haikou and attract more international tourists, our municipal government has actively explored precise measures to combine the publicity with airline development and combine the enterprise training with attracting international tourists. Publicity efforts have been increased for remote markets such as Europe and the United States. At the same time, the travel habits of European and American tourists have been thoroughly learned to enhance the reception capability and quality of enterprises. However, at present, the development of inbound tourism has encountered certain obstacles, that is, most of the international tourists choose the regional connecting products of China, and even the regional connecting products in Asia. It is worth being considered by the enterprises present that how to build Haikou into one of the destinations and how to market. It is also hoped that international participants can share experience with us to help us find the right methods and channels.

A number of local tourism enterprises in Hainan made actively speeches and exchanged ideas with international participants to further understand the needs of the international market and to grasp the buyer market segment and higher requirements for international products more accurately. In order to step into a higher international stage, the Haikou people engaging in tourism are open-mined to embrace the hugs and smiles all around the world with their enthusiasm and broad heart.